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I Cosmology looks beyond the standard model

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    The most popular candidate for the elusive particles that give the Universe extra mass is Cold Dark Matter (CDM). CDM particles are thought to move slowly compared to the speed of light and interact very weakly with electromagnetic radiation. However, no one has managed to detect CDM to date. Sownak Bose from Durham University's Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) will present new predictions at NAM 2015 for a different candidate for dark matter, the sterile neutrino, which may have been detected recently

    Is the Sterile neutrino the best candidate for DM?
    Do we know how much DE is in the universe?
    Is a modification of gravity necessary to explain our cosmology?
    Is String theory viable?.

    A fresh look at cosmology.
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    No. We've looked in all the reasonable places that DM might be hiding. It's not there.
    According to ΛCDM, we know the percentage, but until we know the total volume, we don't know the total energy.
    No. But you might try fixing the Newton's Second Law of Motion. That should do it.
    No. It makes no predictions (currently) that are disprovable. It's more a branch of mathematics than physics.
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    It may be a little premature to dismiss the sterile neutrinos as a dark matter candidate. Their potential detection announced independently by Bulbul and Boyarsky around year ago interest garnered significant interest. It also raised the stock of the axion, another low mass potential DM particle candidate. Despite objections raised over sterile neutrinos being too warm to account for large scale structure formation, it appears to remain viable.
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