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Costs of some components of combined cycle power plants

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    hello all
    I wanna find costs of some components of a combined cycle power plants.like turbine.generator and ...
    how can I find them?
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    Most of these components are not available off the shelf, so you typically won't be able to go shopping for them online and find price information.

    In the construction of a power plant, a specification document is prepared along with a preliminary design for the plant. These documents are used to solicit bids from suppliers of turbines, generators, boilers, and other equipment used to build the plant. The bids from the suppliers will provide details on the cost and delivery date of the equipment. Certain items, like turbines and generators often take several months to construct and deliver once an order is placed with the supplier, depending on the supplier's backlog. The cost for a large turbine or generator could run into the millions of dollars. The total cost of acquiring the land, constructing the power plant building,and purchasing all of the equipment can run to $1 billion or more, depending on the desired output of the plant.

    If you want more accurate numbers, I recommend that you contact manufacturers of the various items of equipment and see if they are willing to share pricing data for their products. Another approach would be to research articles on the construction of power plants in civil engineering or power plant publications, and find articles dealing with recent power plant projects.
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