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Could someone be a great person and answer a few questions?

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    Okay, I have always loved physics, but I have been having a really difficult trying to grasp the advanced math that comes along with it. I am so lost right now and the one thing I need is to talk to an actual person to answer my questions. Could someone please IM me on yahoo messenger or from their yahoo mail account. Its just a few questions about calculus applied to physics. Thank you so much. This isn't school related at all.

    My email.

    [email address deleted by moderator]

    Thanks again, I think this is in the right category.
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    Please use the Private Message system to exchange email addresses and establish private communications. Posting email addresses publicly attracts spammers to the forum.
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    Why not just post your questions here? Or your misunderstandings are more general than specific questions, explain them here. It's unlikely someone will go through the trouble of exchanging contacting info with you if they have no idea whether or not they'll be able to address your unknown questions.
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