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Coverting an indicator between e-signal and sierra charts?

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    One of my family member's trades the markets and wants to see that the indicator she has written in JavaScript for esignal can be converted to run on sierra charts?can this be done?
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    Hey bonfire09.

    I am unfamiliar with sierra charts, but from a programmer perspective what are the details of the sierra platform?

    What run-time environment? (Web-based: Java-script or something java related, ASP, and so on or Non-Web based like Windows executables in COM, .NET, straight Win-32, MFC?)

    Finally what's the API? Does it even have an API? If not can you use a scripting language?

    If you answer the above, you'll end up finding the answer.
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    i think sierra charts is written in high lvl c++ language.
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    Can you get access to a 3rd party SDK with documentation for the API?
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    Here is the link to their website. It talks about creating custom indicators and stuff but im not very experienced with it. The original indicator that I got is written in javascript but converting it to work with this platform is what I need.
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    I took a quick look and it seems that a standard DLL is the interface that deals with exporting a specific structure (SCStudyGraphRef) from a list of functions.

    What you will have to do is basically fill this structure with the right information and Sierra Charts will take it from there.

    Look at the data definition of the structure and the helper methods used to populate the structure with the correct information and then look at all the functions you have to supply to Sierra Charts (i.e. all the declared functions in your DLL) and then write them.

    I don't know what the structures are and how they are used, but essentially the way to start is to get all structures and sub-structures related to this SCStudyGraphRef and look at how Sierra Charts stores data vs how your other original one (e-signal) stores data.

    If the documentation is weak, search all the header files directly to get the definitions: they have to exist other-wise you wouldn't be able to compile the custom DLL or use it to do what you need to do.
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