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Create a new unix like OS with bsd licensing

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    The goal would be to finally create a real competition to MS Windows. Since it can be anything, open source, closed source, do whatever on earth you want, the competition would be great. You would get the best of both worlds, open and closed source. A company can decide to invest billions creating its BSD - Linux variation and be free to sell it, the open source guys could add onto it all they want.

    But most of all since it would be starting from scratch it could derive the best architecture and features from both BSD and Linux, be completely new and include all the most advanced teachings of OS design from the last 20 years.

    So start coding, create the open source community, companies take it, close it up if you want and sell it, just keep the BSD LIKE LICENSING where you are free like in FREE BEER to do whatever you want!
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    So is that a NO ? You are not going to write the new UNIX like Operating System ? remember the licensing I have in mind is totally free, like free beer, so anyone can do anything with it, like close it up and then sell it.
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    Somehow you [unfairly] criticize the Open Source approach for using what you call "inexperienced" and "inapt" programmers and yet you expect us here, all of which i suspect have little to no experience in OS development to program the next biggest competitor in the OS market.
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    Isn't there all ready a unix-like OS with a BSD license? Wasn't that the whole point of FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFlyBSD?
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    Can *nix even be further optimized ?

    Unix was born in 1971. Since then there have been many versions, variants, customizations etc. Then came Linux and then there have been many further versions, embedded, for supercomputers etc. etc.

    As of today, can the UNIX and UNIX LIKE kernels and programs even be any further optimized ? hasn't every possible optimization imaginable been more or less done considering even IBM made theirs, SUN made their Solaris which was fiercely competitive in the 1980s and 1990s etc.

    I mean after all these years and all these variants the last being the BSDs and Linuxes etc, hasn't the code been perfected ?

    I mean IBM, Microsoft and research labs probably have studied Linux and BSD and maybe even closed source variants closely, so how much more can possibly be invented at least at the basic OS - systems level ?
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    What does "perfected" mean? :confused: :confused: Cars have been around since 1920 - why haven't they been "perfected"? Hasn't every possible "optomization" already been made?

    I'm not a programmer, but this principle applies to pretty much every product ever made - I can't imagine why you would think that software would be different.
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    Its not the same kernel.... back in 1971 people were using crt's with green text and a command prompt. and thats all it did. New features and innovations are always being added. Try plugging in a usb device into a 1971 unix box or using your wireless card on one...
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    So according to you, there exist no "real competition" to MS Windows? If this is your reason for this so called called competition, then there need not be any competition because such things already exist.

    Also its not about making the kernel "perfect". Its about adding news features and optimizations. This in a sense will never be accomplished because the hardware industry is very dynamic.
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    oldtobor, you seem very enthusiastic and I'm sure you meant no malice with your post (this one at least), but I think you've approached a complex situation with a little too much enthusiasm and too little knowledge.

    Don't take people's complaints about licensing and whatever too seriously till you understand why the OS's are licensed as they are and you are aware of what is already out there. I am sure you were not being presumptuous and thinking that you are smarter than everybody else in the world. You thought you came upon a novel concept which would be "perfect" and in your haste you jumped to suggest it and try to get the ball rolling for it. I suggest that next time this happens, don't suggest it and tell people to do it and then talk about "it's like free beer," but rather learn about what already exists and then ask questions, like "Why can't we do this or whatever?" You won't come across as presumptuous and insulting to other people who also jump the gun.

    (Shame on you people who are attacking this guy, you should be teaching him something valuable and sharing a beer with him in good humor. :P)

    Horaay Beer!
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