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Creating shortcut for a c application

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    I was trying to understand how those kind of virus run immediately when you open a folder whcih contains it.
    I wrote a simple c application that writes my name in a certain location on my computer and now i want to know how i can do so that when i open the folder which contains that c application then this one runs immeditely. I am thinkin about creatin an shortcut icon but i don't know how.
    so if any one else got a clue let me know.
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    jim mcnamara

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    I'm not sure folks here want to teach you how to write malicious code.

    If you're really into this kinda thing try phrack.com
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    No. The executable can only execute if it's ran. Opening a folder will never run an executable. Now, hidden file extensions and deceptive file icons are a different story...
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    The Windows registry undoubtedly has settings that could be used to do that.
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    You can get it to run a particular program on startup, but not automatically run a program on opening a folder.

    (Not talking about autorun feature upon disc insertion.)
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    The registry is queried thousands of times when a folder is opened. There are lots of opportunities there.

    At the very least you could tag along when any program is started; there's a setting for that. It's an exploit on some worms I've cleaned.
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