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Creating shortcut for a c application

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    I'm now learning to write programs with c codes. But always when we run those programs we firstly go throught their algorithm's codes (i mean IDE screen). So is it possible to run a program without seeing those codes? I mean go directly to the DOS. Or is it possible to create "shortcut" for those programs. if yes just tell me how?
    Thank you!
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    Yes. The compiler creates an exe and stores it on the hard disk. If you are using Turbo C, it will be in C:\program files\TC\bin , perhaps. For other IDEs it may be in the "projects" folder.
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    changing icon for a c progrm

    Thanks. i found them.
    And now am tryin to change their icon using windows like i do for any other program(right click on the item>properties>change icon) but it can't work.
    Is there anything else i need to know?
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    Writing good code is more important than making eye-candy icons.:wink:
    Actually I don't know how to do it :tongue:
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    Click on start, right click on all programs. Create a new folder. Double click on the new folder to open it. Right click on folder window and select new, shortcut. Search for your program (the .exe) file. If the program has an icon in it, it will automatically get picked up. If there are parameters, add them after the name of the program when creating the shortcut. Click on next and change the name if you want.

    If you didn't get an icon for the shortcut, right click on the shortcut, and click on change icon, and again, fine the .ico file for your program. Windows will start off with the generic set of icons from some .DLL file. You can pick up icons from .DLL files, .EXE files, or .ICO files.

    Note that this same process can also be used to create shortcuts to .BAT file to run command scripts. For Windows XP or Vista batch files, prefxing a program path and name with start, such as

    start \myfolder\myprogram1.exe
    start \myfolder\myprogram2.exe

    allows multiple programs or multiple instances of a program to be launched with a single shortcut to a batch file.
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