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Critiques of Fukushima Thyroid-Cancer Study

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    Two weeks ago a study claiming a Fukushima thyroid-cancer epidemic made headline news. The epidemic is being associated with the nuclear disaster. However, the study may be seriously flawed.

    Here are two informed critiques (please post more if found):

    Nope—There’s No Thyroid Cancer Epidemic in Fukushima

    A common thesis of critics is that we're looking at a screening bias that artificially inflates cases, and the authors of the study did nothing to control for that bias even though it is expected to follow screening campaigns.

    Note: the study is not part of the official Fukushima screening study, although the authors used that screening data. The researchers conducting the screening program believe there is no radiation effect being detected, as stated here and here. An important little detail media reports overlooked.
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    Yahoo also had a headline this week - Ex-Fukushima nuclear plant worker confirmed to have cancer
    http://news.yahoo.com/ex-fukushima-nuclear-plant-worker-confirmed-cancer-110302557.html [Broken]

    It is possible, but it's not clear how it was 'confirmed', unless it is a type of cancer unique to radiation exposure.

    Epidemiologists would need more data.
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