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Extracting thermal neutron cross-sections from ENDF libraries?

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    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know of a tool that can extract thermal neutron cross-section data from endf for all availible isotopes? I'm trying to help my professor compile some data to modernize one of his courses. I'm trying to find a list of capture and scattering cross-sections for a wide list of isotopes. I've found the databases online (here and here) but short of manually looking up every isotope and recording the cross-sections I don't see a way to extract the data.

    Anyone have any ideas? Doing it manually seems like it would likely result in mistakes.
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    Many years ago I was head of a group which developed codes for neutron transport. As part of the program we developed codes which extracted cross-sections from ENDF/B tapes and massaged them for our codes. I believe the codes eventually ended up in the archive of one of the National Labs (Brookhaven ?). Try contacting them.
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    Thanks Astronuc! That is exactly the sort of program I was looking for. I knew there had to be one out there.
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