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Currently on a BS in Comp Engr. What should I minor in?

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    Hi I currently doing Computer Engineering Hardware track (digital logic, microcontroller and signals concentration), I would like to know what to minor or double major in... I also do a lot of C++ programming and know a lot of UNIX/linux OS. But I feel the Comp Engr. degree is very broad and I shouldn't limit miself to the degree requirements. Therefore, I tried to do EE major but I wasn't allowed, a tried a Comp science minor, but wasn't allowed either... The onl thing I am allowed within math and science is minor in math (which is only 3 more courses), physics, chem, biol... However, recently I discovered the minor in CIS within the bussiness dept. They also cover programming but in the Visual Basic language, and business orieented classes, a lot of IT project management and systems analysis classes... Should I take the minor??? Even If I have to do another more semester? Or what other minor/majors should you recommend that might become an excellent mix with Comp engr?
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    <Insert standard rant about the uselessness of minors here.>

    Are you interested in business programming? If so, take the courses, if not skip them. If you want to do that sort of work, taking a few courses could be useful.

    EDIT: Oh, and unless you are passionately interested in entering that field, I wouldn't delay graduation to take these courses. Certainly not for the privilege of calling them a minor.
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