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Darkfield,brightfield application in one microscope?

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    Hi every body! does anyone seen live specimen under the microscope?
    How does live specimen moves and interacts? What kind of scope do i need to have darkfield and brightfield application? Is there any scope that can be used in two applications?:confused:
    Would anyone help me choose what kind of scope will I use? I don't know what microscope can fit my application.

    Thank you.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Live specimens are often viewed in a hanging drop slide. Placing a coverslip over motile beasties can lock them down. And it is way more fun to watch amoebas blob around in a drop of water. Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep them in your field of view and in focus. Especially if you lose them once... and have to track them down again.

    Darkfield and phase contrast features usually come only with very expensive microscopes, because they require a special condenser or a special setup. I see darkfield scopes for blood work listed at way over $US3000.

    You can achieve something like what you want by getting a student scope, and mounting a very bright directed light source to shine into your specimen at a right angle. Rather than from the bottom upwards.

    In other words, I can't give you a recommendation like you want.
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    Thanks for the reply, now I know that this application really requires expensive scope.
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