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Data delete after power off from my external hard drive type my passport 500 g.b

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    thanks to read my message
    after transfer my document and plug out my external hard " my passport 3.0 500 g.b " all data delete , plz help me
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    unfortunately there's not much you can do to resolve the problem. When you connect an external drive to the system, windows is actively reading and writing to the disk. If you do not close all active connections to the drive and simply disconnect the drive, there is a chance that it will cause a corruption on the external drive. This appears to have happened to your disk.
    There isnt really much you can do about this now. All you can do is ensure that you disconnect drives in the correct procedure by using the "Safely remove drive" icon in your task bar.
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    thank you too much for your advice , i solve the problem , i use a shadow user program " just like a deep freez " , and this program deal with the external hard as a Part of partation C which I Freez it , any way thank u too much for your interest
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