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B Debunking Alleged proofs against modern science

  1. Apr 28, 2016 #1
    Hello fellow PF'ers!

    I have been conversating with a strongly religious character for some time now, and thought i'd present some of his arguments to you. I have myself tried to explain the basics of the problems, but maybe some of you can have a laugh and go into further details as to why he may be wrong on these views.

    >>well we could ask a fagmason if he can calculate the weight of the earth (and they claim they can), then what's the weight of the ocean? so what amount of ((G)) would be necessary to hold the oceans on the ball?
    okay say he says 6 gorillion g's. they say that's like some sort of strap force that's holding everything including the oceans on the spinning ball right?
    well i'm standing next to the ocean and i'm not squished into a pancake? and a bug flies over the ocean and 6 gorillion g's doesn't squash that?

    >>another one:
    if the moon causes the tides because of its ((g)) force, why is it if i take a scale to the beach i weigh exactly the same as before the tide?

    if speed is relative as einswine says, then why use seatbelts in cars? lol

    >>if the speed were relative to the car, i wouldn't fly around the inside of the car when it changes direction. the speed is transfered through the seat, which literally pushes me with the car. when we take out the passenger seat and someone drives the car, we fly to the back of the car, weeee

    >>the ligo magnetic waves thing was a hoax. their bosses control the info they have to interpret. a week earlier they were hoaxed and ligo even made fun of all of them for believing it

    "Redshifting, as well as the loss of energy from light photons travelling long distances affects the luminosity of the distant stars we see on the night sky. And most of them are so far away, that the expansion of the universe makes the light move away from us faster than it's moving towards us. Therefore, we only (currently) see the light from our closest stars"

    >>yeah but the redshift scientists just got nosed because what they're publishing suggests that we're at the center of the universe (aha! angainst the "copernican principle", nihilism)...so the nose found out about them and they are shut down. can't namenames at the moment but the gist is the professor doing red shift things these days was shut down because he has been forced into the conclusion that we are in the center

    >>we only have around six thousand years of human history. all the other history is fabricated from methods that are illogical and easily invalidated.
    we can also add the oldest tree in the world is about five thousand years old

    Have a good one
    Disclaimer: I'm a High School student, so my arguments may be unprecise
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    Staff: Mentor

    Hi @Tegewaldt

    We cannot have an argument with a third party in absentia. It becomes frustrating for all parties involved.

    If you yourself have specific questions, such as the scientific evidence for a specific theory, or the evidence against alternative theories then we can certainly discuss that. Also, you can encourage your friend to sign up here, although he or she should pay attention to the rules and recognized that they are enforced. We aren't here to argue, but we are here to educate and would enjoy explaining why scientists accept the current mainstream theories.
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