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Decided on math major but I don't have good study skills

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    I've recently decided to become a math major, as it's the subject that I've enjoyed the most and had the most exposure to during high school.

    During high school, the AP Calc classes and a Calc III course I took at a local CC came to me quite naturally. I just followed along to the lectures, did the homework problems, reviewed my notes before tests and got an A in those classes.

    I took linear algebra last semester and am taking topology and differential equations this semester. These classes are more challenging and I can't just read the chapters once or twice, write down formulas, and get started on the problems.

    What are some good study habits that you use when you study math?
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    Hi squelchy,

    The "message to the student" in my abstract algebra (Hungerford) text has some great advice about how to study abstract mathematics. I'll quote/paraphrase it here:

    There is another quote from Sheldon Axler. Here's an excerpt from his well-regarded linear algebra text:

    These guidelines have been very effective for me. Best of luck to you in your studies! :smile:
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