Deciding on major: Physics or Computer Engineering?

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I'm a student at UNC Chapel Hill in the Honors college and I think I could be a reasonably decent physicist. Physics in general interests me enough that I spent free time reading about it, particularly astrophysics. However, I'm also quite interested in finance and computer science, so I'm a bit in a rut. What are your suggestions on how to decide? Do you have any advice? How smart do I need to be to be a competitive physicist? My IQ is 143, PSAT 238, SAT 2250, weighted GPA 5.6 in high school, 4.0 in so far in college. The problem is, from what I've seen with math and physics PhD holders (professors in particular) is that they all seem to be overwhelmingly intelligent, and I just don't know if I can keep up with that. How hard is it?

Oh and as long as I'm here, I know this is the wrong section, but directly after the big bang, it is my understanding that the universe expanded faster than light because while matter has a "cosmic speed limit" equal to the speed of light, space can travel faster. Given this fact, I'm struggling to comprehend how the expansion of space into the nothingness prior to the big bang is any different than suggesting space expanded into space (i.e. nothing happened). Can someone explain or direct me to somewhere that I could find out?

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If your passionate about physics, then after reading your stats, I'd say you'll be just fine. Keep it up!

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