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Defining Gravity - Give it a Rest

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    Defining Gravity - Give it a Rest!!!

    As usual the scientific explanations are all totally off the wall; nothing but whimsical flights of imagination by delusional pseudo-intellectual kooks who base their pretentious propositions on foundations of their own fatuous utopian conceptions.

    The most accurate answer can be found at the source noted below.

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    What i like about that theory is that requires no evidence, observations, deductions... I have felt that, in my times of thinking about hard problems, it would be best to just give up. So you can see why i totally support "Intelligent Falling". I think it's great. Finally, the mistery of gravity is solved and i don't have to think about anymore. Sweet, what will i do with my time.
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    I like how these idiots are replacing the theory of gravity, which they call flawed, by their own theory which is just as ambiguous. :rolleyes: :rofl:

    Kansas must have a state full of idiots.
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    You know it's a joke, right cyrus? :uhh:

    - Warren
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    :rofl: It is? D'OH! :blushing:
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    :rofl: Yep, The Onion is known for satire. :biggrin:
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    I never heard about it.......................grrrr :grumpy:
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    Despite the headway this new theory makes it has a fatal flaw: it is misnamed. Since God is pushing everything down it ought to be called Intelligent Pushing.
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    Gravity doesn't exist. The earth really sucks!

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    Chi Meson

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    Is Gillwill a joke? Who is he/she really?
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    Whoever he/she is, I think he/she just copied this thread from another forum. I saw it somewhere a few days ago.
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    This was brought up here a while back.

    The onion is pretty funny.

    What's the phrase from Wayne's World???? FISHED IN!!! FISHED IN!!!
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    wow, thanks to you i've been reading the onion for the past 4 hours, i'm gonna get fired here!
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