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Deflection at any point in fixed beam

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    give formula or reference for finding deflection at any point in beam (fixed at both ends) due to couple acting intermediate in the beam? its urgent........
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    I'd start with Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain.

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    I think the easiest thing is to define the loading using singularity functions, set it equal to EIy'''' (where E = elastic mod, I = moment of inertia, y'''' = fourth derivative of deflection); then successively integrate to get the shear force, moment, and finally the deflection as a function of x (the position along the beam). and determining the integration constants from the boundary conditions (such as at x = 0 and x = l, y = 0).

    example of the singularity functions

    (this is assuming small deflections by the way)
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