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Deflection in a Cantilever beam

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    i was looking for ways i can reduce the deflection in the cantilever beam whose one end is fixed and load is applied at the free end.

    Few i thought of was,
    1- Reducing the length of the beam
    2- Increasing the modulus of elasticity of the beam
    3- ??
    4- ??

    Appreciate your help

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    One of few formulas you should memorize is the deflection at the free end of a cantilever with a point load applied at the free end. Write it down and see what variables you can change besides length and elasticity yo reduce the deflection.
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    Increasing the second moment of area of the beam, providing extra supports etc.

    I'm trying to reduce the reflection of a cantilever beam as well, but there isn't much you can do. Best bet is to reduce the length but in most cases it isn't possible.
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    Can you use a supporting cable to help?

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    Optimised variable section .
    Rigid stay .
    Haunch .

    Cable stay shown is not set at a very effective angle to reduce deflection .
    Cable stays with no provision for setting tension are in any case not a reliable means of reducing cantilever beam deflection .

    Edit : Old thread - op has gone .
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    The deflection can be made approximately zero by creation/modification of the structure in that way.
    Then the arrangement of members will form a structure which deflects the point to some other direction or make it zero approx......
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