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Deflection of cantilever beam having two Young's modulas

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    what is the formula for the cantilever beam having two different young's modulas and moment of inertia, when a point load is acting on the free end.

    i have been trying but unable to get the formula. if the formula i can validate my project work and complete it
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    I'm afraid this description of the beam and the materials composing it is a little vague.

    Are we talking something like a leaf spring, with two different materials lapped together? Is one portion of the length of the beam one material, and the rest of the beam composed of another material?

    You should try to be as specific as possible about the construction of your beam. Pictures always help.
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    Each material has only one Young's Modulus value. If there are two involved, then there must be two materials and the geometry of the two becomes significant.
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    Yes, your right one length one material and rest of the length will be another material...

    I derived the formula using basic govering equation yesterday and verified it with MATLAB program for cantilever beam. Both the results are correct, it is used for having two different materials and moment of inertia for a cantilever beam.
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    yes sir, i have posted formula. i hope it is correct and useful.
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