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Degrees and how it relates to slope

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    Sorry if this question is too simple and shouldn't be posted here.

    How does slope relate to degree angles?

    For example , a degree of 1 means a slope of 1/57.29, and a degree of 2 means a slope of 1/28.9916, and a degree of 3 means a slope of 19.08109. and the slope just keeps getting larger and larger but its not being multiplied by two or anything. So does anyone know a function that can describe the relationship between two?
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    How about if I just move it to "general math" because it is an interesting question.

    The "slope" of a straight line is the tangent of the angle the line makes with the x- axis
    Since you are writing the slope as "1 over something" you need:

    slope= [itex]tan(\theta)= 1/cot(\theta)[/itex]
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