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Homework Help: Derivation of an S.H.M. Equation

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    Can anybody show me how to derive the equation for SHM. (T = 2 x (Pie) x (root m/k))

    Help would be greatly appreciated, as i need it for coursework
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    No one will show you, but we will help you along it deriving it yourself.
    How can you model harmonic motion? What function would you use?
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    it depends on cases. but I can give you the general way

    first you should find the relationship between the acceleration of oscillator and its displacement

    Then, by means of Newton's second law, F=ma
    find the a in terms of x if a is directly proportional to minus x
    then, for S.H.M a = -w^2x , where w is the angular frequency of motion
    w = =2pi/T
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