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Homework Help: Deriving values from experimental data (algebra help)

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    One more question -

    I'm working on a problem in which I need to determine the values of R and p in the equation:

    [itex]{E_{B} = -RZ^{2}n^{p}}[/itex]

    Where Z is 1 (we're using a hydrogen atom), and n is the principle quantum number of the electron. I know p is 2, but the point of the exercise is the determine its value from experimental data.

    So I've used


    To get the binding energy levels from experimental data, and according to the problem, this should be enough information to derive values for R and p in the above equation, but I've tried and failed to do so. Can anyone show me how it might be done?

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    Think about plotting the data on a log-log plot. How would you determine R and p on such a plot?
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