What is Experimental data: Definition and 67 Discussions

Experimental data in science and engineering is data produced by a measurement, test method, experimental design or quasi-experimental design. In clinical research any data produced are the result of a clinical trial. Experimental data may be qualitative or quantitative, each being appropriate for different investigations.
Generally speaking, qualitative data are considered more descriptive and can be subjective in comparison to having a continuous measurement scale that produces numbers. Whereas quantitative data are gathered in a manner that is normally experimentally repeatable, qualitative information is usually more closely related to phenomenal meaning and is, therefore, subject to interpretation by individual observers.
Experimental data can be reproduced by a variety of different investigators and mathematical analysis may be performed on these data.

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  1. ohwilleke

    A What New Experiments, If Any, Would Help Determine Light Quark Masses?

    The experimentally measured properties of protons and neutrons are known with exquisite detail. Our data is not quite as extremely precise, but still very good more other baryons and mesons with light quarks (u, d, and s) as valence quarks, such as pions and kaons. Yet, on a percentage basis...
  2. ohwilleke

    I Has photoproduction of gluons been observed?

    I am wondering if a process with an initial state of two photons leading to an end state with two (or more) gluons has been observed. I have seen some papers (like this one) that seem to suggest that this is the case, but none of them say so as clearly as I would like to be confident that this...
  3. A

    B It works but why? (Matching experimental data to a random equation)

    Hey guys, I've about a week left to submit my final paper for my trade degree in transportation. The paper is about an analysis of potential implementation of an electric car for direct deliveries in my area where I live. In part of it, I try to analyze how many possible trips a car like...
  4. quantumCircuit

    Lotka Volterra estimate parameters from experimental data

    Namely, in the system, I have obtained the value of parameters L, M, A and D, because I treat the other organism as equal to zero, i.e., it doesn't exist, but I am struggling about the values of B and C, that are coupled with the product of x and y. Can anyone help me how to obtain those values...
  5. Admiralibr123

    I Looking for Experimental Data on Isotopes (Nuclear Physics and Engineering)

    So, a website in which I just enter an element or an Isotope and it just lists all the relevant experimental data like mass, mass-defect binding energy etc. Also resources for the absorption data, resources to explore Monte-Carlo simulations, and other calculation tools would be awesome. Just a...
  6. parazit

    I Comparing theoretical calculations with experimental data

    Dear users, The situation I have encountered is a simple statistical comparison of the experimental data, which accepted as correct, with the results obtained via six theoretical models. In the experimental data, there exist y values corresponding to x values and also the measurement errors of...
  7. person123

    MATLAB MATLAB Code For Analyzing Experimental Data

    Hi! I'm working on MATLAB code to analyze dat for a specific project, but I'm curious if it could made useful for more general purposes. Here's a bit of background on the project: I'm an REU student and I was assigned to analyze data for a recently conducted experiment. The experiment took...
  8. TachyonLord

    Why Are My Newton's Rings Experiment Results Inconsistent?

    When monochromatic light is incident on a plano convex lens(as shown in the picture), these dark rings are produced which are observed with the help of a traveling microscope. The procedure requires us to measure the diameter of each ring (We need to measure the diameter of at least 10...
  9. L

    MATLAB To what extent is the fit to experimental data good?

    I have experimental spectrum in which y-axis is intensity values, and x-axis is frequency values. Int - array of experimental intensities (y-axis). w - array of frequencies (x-axis). I know the view of theoretical function that must describe the obtained spectrum. I explicitly set the function...
  10. ohwilleke

    I How credible are CKM matrix limits on new physics?

    A pre-print of a conference paper from eleven months ago analyzes the extent to which the available data on the CKM matrix element values rules out beyond the Standard Model Physics. It finds that in the most rigid model dependent analysis, that new physics are excluded up to a characteristic...
  11. Manav

    Calculating Charge Of Electron (Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

    Homework Statement I was doing the Milikan Oil Drop Experiment from a simulation this site: http://scienceclub.ucoz.com/index/0-109. I tried calculating the charge of the electron but it was from the real value. Oil Density: 920 (kg/m^3) Viscosity of Air: 1.81×10−5 kg/(m*s) Distance: 0.0025 m...
  12. M

    Feeding temperature profile from experimental data into MAXWELL

    Hi All, my aim is to find the thermal conductivity of litz wire and also convection coefficient of litz wire and air. So, I am running experimental analysis (10A current into litz wire) and capturing the temperature of litz wire. So, I have temperature profile versus time for litz wire. Would...
  13. A

    A All experimental data for Super heavy nuclei

    dear physicists I need all the half life experimental data available so far, for SHNs, I mean Z=104 - 118 (T1/2) can you help me? where do I get access to this data?
  14. franciobr

    Python workflow for experimental data analysis

    Hello! I have been using python for my data analysis and processing needs as an experimental physicist for an year now. I have used MATLAB and originpro before and python provides me everything I need. But I am not satisfacted with my worflow specifically for plotting needs. I often find myself...
  15. B

    I Data from a delayed choice quantum eraser experiment

    Hello! Does anyone here have raw data from a delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that you wouldn't mind sharing? Ideally, data from all the detectors, not just coincidence counts that the analysis usually focuses on? Or, are you aware of any data repository where data from quantum physics...
  16. R

    I Experimental Data - Error in slope

    I have conducted a tensile test on five specimens. I intend to do a linear regression for every set of data and get a value for the slope (modulus of elasticity) and its error by finding the standard deviation (using LINEST function on excel) of the slope. I will now end up with 5 slope values...
  17. N

    I Bell's inequality experimental data

    Everything I've seen about Bell's inequality has had the setup of 120 degree angles between the axis of measurements. The experiment then proves that the basic hidden variable theory can't be true. But the actual measurement has always been told to me as a 0.5 correlation. 50% of the time the...
  18. Killtech

    I Looking for experimental data

    i want to get a better understanding of quantum mechanics (specifically for the multiple particle case) and came to a point where looking deeper into the theory won't yield the answers i seek. so to my discomfort i fear i'd need to look at experimental results to extend my understanding. so my...
  19. C

    B Can I find experimental data for the decay of Iodine-131?

    I'm currently undergoing an assignment in maths were it is is necessary to apply mathematical concepts to aspects in reality. Hence, I have chosen to model the radioactive decay of iodine 131, however I am required to plot the data of the radioactive decay of iodine 131, in order to find the...
  20. J

    A Where to find experimental data?

    Hello folks, When you study a pendulum or the path followed by a ball falling under gravity the first thing you have in mind is the experimental result, because you can actually see it. It is easy to measure or find the position and velocity of those systems. If we talk about a particle with...
  21. R

    Advice for representing experimental data

    Hi all, I have recently done my first experiment in fluid mechanics, and it was a gravity current experiment using UDVP. I have augmented the data, as to remove noise, and performed the statistical analysis. I have text files which contain the velocities measured by each sensor over the time...
  22. F

    Determining the rate law from experimental data

    Homework Statement First question on PDF: http://ars-chemia.net/Classes/102/Problem_Sets/Practice%20Exam%20for%20Exam%201%20Key.pdf Homework Equations I used the initial rates method: Rate2/Rate1=k2*[A]^m/k1*[A]^m The Attempt at a Solution When I solve these types of problems with the...
  23. A

    B Experimental data of bremsstrahlung

    Hi ! I'm not sure to post my question in a good place so please move if inappropriate... I search experimental data of bremsstrahlung interaction as we can found experimental data of nuclear interaction on EXFOR. Someone know a website which provide that ? Thanks in advance !
  24. sounouhid

    MATLAB Fit Experimental Data with MATLAB: Best Practices

    Hello everyone help please I need to fit experimental data with a theoretical model using the MATLAB software what is the best way to do it? thx for advance
  25. R

    B Cosmic Ray Muons: Finding Experimental Data for Special Relativity

    Hi everyone, I'm current working on a project about special relativity, and i was thinking writing about the cosmic ray muons. But where do i, as a high school student get raw data of cosmic ray muons? I have searched quite a bit, but it doesn't seems like data like that is public and easy...
  26. C

    Mathematical Equation for my experimental data?

    Homework Statement Okay so we're testing the effects different types and number of layers can have the heat released through conduction. in our results we found that the heat released was reduced by 50% for 2 layers compared to 1 layer and that the heat released was reduced to 34% for 3 layers...
  27. D

    Normalisation of Experimental Data

    Hi all, I am currently operating a piece of equipment that essentially collects particles and separates them based on their size. Essentially you have 8 stages, and each stage has a differing size of particles it collects. For example: Stage----Size of Particles (D) (um)-----Mass Collected (M)...
  28. G

    Experimental data modelling off-road vehicle travel

    Hi everyone, I am looking for any available experimental data which models off-road vehicle travel in clay and measures tyre and soil parameters. Parameters I am looking for include pull, torque, shear strength of the soil, sinkage, slip and deflection. If anyone knows of any available raw data...
  29. SmritiB

    Piezoelectric crystal compression (in cm)

    How much does a Piezoelectric crystal (say PZT) compress when applied the maximum amount of force it can withstand ? also it would be very helpful if someone could tell me how much is this force typically ?
  30. Sir Bro

    Calculating half life from experimental data

    Homework Statement Decay of Carbon-11 from given data of count rate at time 0 to count rate at time 14 minutes in 2 minute intervals. Homework Equations I feel like I've gone wrong here because the answer I get of 19.6 minutes is actually negative if I go back and do the last equation again. I...
  31. E

    Comparison between CFD results and experimental data

    Hi everybody, my question is not properly about CFD but mainly about Fluid Dynamics itself. I have performed a RANS simulation of a round jet of methane and air and now I'd like to compare those results to some experiments. Unfortunately there aren't papers about experimental data for...
  32. B

    Velocity issues -- experimental data from an accelerometer and a gyroscope

    I'm trying to get an understanding on what's going on with some data of mine. I've attached some plots below. This data is from and accelerometer and gyroscope where I've calculated the global accelerations and velocities (top and bottom plot respectively in each figure). The data is from the...
  33. jlefevre76

    Ray tracing vs. experimental data

    So, here's the deal: I'm trying to complete the publishing of a paper dealing with my thesis from almost two years ago, and I finally wrote a program that I believe will tell me how different geometries will influence the outcome. Here's the setup, I am modeling the radiation that goes through...
  34. C

    Fitting experimental data with exponential curve

    Hello! :-) I' have a problem... I fitted experimental data with a second order exponential theoretical curve: y = A1*exp(-x/t1)+ A2*exp(-x/t2) + y0 and I have these data for 4 repetitions of the same experiment: first time: Reduced Chi-Sqr = 6,81066E-4 Adj. R-Square = 0,41005...
  35. T

    Strange result from taking logs of logs in experimental data

    I have some experimental data (not hypothetically, this is real data), which has a downward sloping shape. A sharp decrease initially, before settling to what looks almost like a downward linear slope. To investigate further, I decided to take the base 10 log of the y-axis data. The...
  36. R

    Can I use experimental data to solve equations with integrals?

    Hi, I don't know if this is the proper part of the forum to ask this, but I'm trying to figure out how I can obtain a certain value from an equation that contains an integral if I want to use experimental data. To keep it simple, the equation looks like this: B= (∫G(f)df)2 / (∫G(f)2df) where...
  37. P

    Rolling motion- experimental data differs from expectation

    Homework Statement An experiment was done to test the validity of the equation a = 2/3 g sin∅ for a rolling cylinder. A hockey puck was rolled down a wooden ramp at 5 different inclination angles, and the time it took to roll down the length of the board was recorded. ∅ was found using...
  38. A

    Find Transfer Function from Experimental Data

    I would like to find a useful function to predict the output based on the input. I'm trying to figure out how to get the transfer function given actual input and output data. What I've tried is getting a transfer function using Fourier transforms. I'm attemping to do a fft on both the input...
  39. M

    Deriving values from experimental data (algebra help)

    One more question - I'm working on a problem in which I need to determine the values of R and p in the equation: {E_{B} = -RZ^{2}n^{p}} Where Z is 1 (we're using a hydrogen atom), and n is the principle quantum number of the electron. I know p is 2, but the point of the exercise is the...
  40. K

    Exploring Redshift of Distant Galaxies - Experimental Data

    Why it's not explained just by Doppler redshift caused by faster movement of those galaxies billions of years ago when that light was emitted? Would the speeds of the galaxies necessary for Doppler redshift to explain all of the observed galaxies redshift be unreasonable or is there something...
  41. G

    How to find terminal velocity from experimental data?

    Homework Statement So I have a set of data, velocity and time, of a falling object. So the question is: how can I get the value for the terminal speed? Homework Equations Since we're talking about terminal velocity an ecuation that descrives a Velocity vs time graph should be of the...
  42. S

    Calculating Ksp of Ag2CrO4 from Experimental Data

    Homework Statement Hi, I need to calculate the Ksp of Ag2CrO4 based on experimental data. During the experiment, 1.25g of pure copper was placed in a 1.00 L solution of silver chromate. When the copper was extracted, only 1.24g remained. Balanced chemical equation: Cu + Ag2CrO4 -->...
  43. D

    Experimental data on the extraction of radium/polonium?

    I'm having difficulty finding some secondary data on the extraction of radium or polonium. Nothing specific, really just any practical data available on the topic - I'm getting desperate! Historical data would be preferable, however modern data would still be great. By 'data' I just been any...
  44. A

    Where can I find experimental data

    Does anyone know where I can find experimental data on the life time of charged pion decay? More specifically the life time of a negatively charged pion decaying into either an electron and an electron neutrino or into a muon and a muon neutrino.
  45. C

    Looking for empirical equation in experimental data

    I am an engineer student working in nuclear research. I am performing some experiments looking for an empirical equation to apply to results in a test section, but am having trouble making a mental leap. Here is the core of the problem with all of the engineering 'fat' trimmed off: I have a...
  46. T

    Flat Back Trailing Edge Experimental Data

    Does anybody have any experimental data on flat back airfoils. I would like to know the experimental data, experimental setup and initial flow parameters etc. In case if you find it from a report I would be glad if you can give some information regarding the report, such as author, report name...
  47. D

    Program to search for curves which fit experimental data

    Does anyone remember a program (or know of something similar!) which, given a compilation of data, would search for equations which best fit the data? The one I'm thinking of came out ~ a year ago. It was a Windows-only program but it worked fine under wine. Unfortunately my time spent on...
  48. R

    Experimental data in relativity

    hi, I am doing a project on special relativity (im 17, doing A level maths, further maths and physics) for this project, I need to analyse some data. can anyone tell me where on Earth you can find data from experiments which give empirical evidence of special relativity, like muons...