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  1. TachyonLord

    I Newton's Rings Experiment

    When monochromatic light is incident on a plano convex lens(as shown in the picture), these dark rings are produced which are observed with the help of a travelling microscope. The procedure requires us to measure the diameter of each ring (We need to measure the diameter of at least 10...
  2. ohwilleke

    I How credible are CKM matrix limits on new physics?

    A pre-print of a conference paper from eleven months ago analyzes the extent to which the available data on the CKM matrix element values rules out beyond the Standard Model Physics. It finds that in the most rigid model dependent analysis, that new physics are excluded up to a characteristic...
  3. Manav

    Calculating Charge Of Electron (Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

    Homework Statement I was doing the Milikan Oil Drop Experiment from a simulation this site: I tried calculating the charge of the electron but it was from the real value. Oil Density: 920 (kg/m^3) Viscosity of Air: 1.81×10−5 kg/(m*s) Distance: 0.0025 m...
  4. B

    I Data from a delayed choice quantum eraser experiment

    Hello! Does anyone here have raw data from a delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that you wouldn't mind sharing? Ideally, data from all the detectors, not just coincidence counts that the analysis usually focuses on? Or, are you aware of any data repository where data from quantum physics...
  5. N

    I Bell's inequality experimental data

    Everything I've seen about Bell's inequality has had the setup of 120 degree angles between the axis of measurements. The experiment then proves that the basic hidden variable theory can't be true. But the actual measurement has always been told to me as a 0.5 correlation. 50% of the time the...
  6. G

    Experimental data modelling off-road vehicle travel

    Hi everyone, I am looking for any available experimental data which models off-road vehicle travel in clay and measures tyre and soil parameters. Parameters I am looking for include pull, torque, shear strength of the soil, sinkage, slip and deflection. If anyone knows of any available raw data...
  7. SmritiB

    Piezoelectric crystal compression (in cm)

    How much does a Piezoelectric crystal (say PZT) compress when applied the maximum amount of force it can withstand ? also it would be very helpful if someone could tell me how much is this force typically ?