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Designing a crystal decanter cleaning apparatus

  1. Jan 16, 2014 #1
    I need to create a machine that'll help me clean out my crystal decanters. Brown rice and soap work great, just shake and viola....however some decanters need a bit more shaking, or 'spinning' of the rice and soap than I can provide so I've devised a plan with a box fan motor that would create a continual spin motion going along inside my decanters... only I am not exactly sure if there's even a way to make this where the liquid won't just ride up against one side while it's spinning.
    Is there a way to make the bottle spin while the insides remain stationary....I don't know but my first thought was using a lazy susan device...
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Interesting idea...
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    You may get good results with an ultrasonic cleaner using a 10% alcohol in water mix. If you need an abrasive material that is safe with glass then consider bicarbonate of soda from the kitchen. Warning, bicarb will damage softer plastics.

    Crystal glass is a very clear and often heavy glass, originally made with 25% lead oxide. Before you use the decanter for drink, make sure it is not made from lead oxide glass. The organic stain from the wine on the glass will have sealed the surface. Be careful when you clean lead glass, the stain removal will expose the lead bearing surface again.
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    Thanks for the tip....not sure if I'll go the ultrasonic direction. The decanters would be too large for them unless i buy a really large ultrasonic machine, which translates into more money than I would want to spend and for sure what a simple spinner would cost.
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    Well, I remember well the research on lead leaching from (esp.) full lead crystal. The upshot is you don't want to store anything in such a decanter for several days or more. However, the realistic risk for 48 hours or less is minimal. I routinely continue to use my beautiful decanters to serve, or hold for the next day. And serving and full lead crystal glasses for a meal is obviously fine.

    What you definitely don't want to do is store sherry or port (as my father used to do) in a full lead crystal decanter for a month.
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