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Designing a rectangular vacuum chamber -- Help please

  1. Apr 27, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone! I want to design a rectangle vacuum chamber (12x12x72) out of 1/2 steel. I would be welding the sides together to form a seal. Would this work? any suggestions on what I could do? Thx! (I not great at this stuff so your help is much appreciated!)
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What is the chamber for? What pressure will you be pumping it down to? Can you put in additional structural braces between the sides in the middle of the chamber? What experience do you have working with vacuum systems?
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    I am doing a project where I need the space in the middle of the chamber to be empty. I never made/ worked with a vacuum chamber myself, but I know the basics. I was hoping to go low, but I don't know how low I can go. I will be placing a mag lev system inside where I will be testing "The effect of air density on magnetic acceleration. Thx, please ask for any info you need, sorry for not giving it.
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    Won't the potentially large effect of the massive steel chamber on the maglev system swamp any tiny effect from reducing air pressure ?
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    i will be using austenitic stainless steel
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    That may ease the problem a little but not eliminate it .

    You will find it useful to research vacuum chamber technology generally .

    What about looking at large diameter round tubing as specifically made for vacuum chambers ? Choice of materials available includes metals , Glass and Acrylic .
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