What is Vacuum chamber: Definition and 55 Discussions

A vacuum chamber is a rigid enclosure from which air and other gases are removed by a vacuum pump. This results in a low-pressure environment within the chamber, commonly referred to as a vacuum. A vacuum environment allows researchers to conduct physical experiments or to test mechanical devices which must operate in outer space (for example) or for processes such as vacuum drying or vacuum coating. Chambers are typically made of metals which may or may not shield applied external magnetic fields depending on wall thickness, frequency, resistivity, and permeability of the material used. Only some materials are suitable for vacuum use.
Chambers often have multiple ports, covered with vacuum flanges, to allow instruments or windows to be installed in the walls of the chamber. In low to medium-vacuum applications, these are sealed with elastomer o-rings. In higher vacuum applications, the flanges have knife edges machined onto them, which cut into a copper gasket when the flange is bolted on.
A type of vacuum chamber frequently used in the field of spacecraft engineering is a thermal vacuum chamber, which provides a thermal environment representing what a spacecraft would experience in space.

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  1. R

    B Calculating vacuum -- These numbers do not make sense

    Should be a simple test to see how much vacuum can be created by the pump but it is lifting the water in the manometer over 40 inches on one side. From what I’ve seen when reading a manometer you have to double the length on one side. But this means it’s achieving 80 inches h2o which is...
  2. P

    I Seemingly a contradiction of conservation of energy?

    I've had this question for a while now and I wonder if anyone can make sense of it. It's about two scenarios where the difference between them seems to contradict conservation of energy: Scenario 1: In a vacuum chamber, there is a robotic arm, a box, a lower platform and a higher platform. At...
  3. C

    Homemade vacuum chamber construction

    I hope you folks can help. I want to be able to pour a liquid from one container into two others in the absence of air. So I was thinking of making some sort of vacuum chamber out of 1/2" polycarbonate and some heavy duty plastic sleeving into which to place my hands and arms. Or am I being...
  4. D

    Opening a door between a vacuum and atmosphere

    I work as part of the engineering team running an incinerator. When the ash is removed from our furnace, it creates an open system between the furnace (which is close to being a vacuum) and the atmosphere. For many reasons, this is not ideal. We are looking to add a second door to this ash...
  5. N

    I Volume of water consumed by vacuum

    I'm trying to do the math for a backyard thermodynamic pump experiment, and getting stuck. Suppose an empty 3.79 liter container was airlocked by a vertical 25 cm long empty tube whose end sits at the top of an unlimited supply of water in a basin. The tube protrudes through the container such...
  6. Limebat

    I Does combusted gas travel faster in a vacuum tube?

    Hey all, So if a gas is combusted, would it travel faster through a vacuum tube or a regular ole' tube? I would assume the vacuum tube, as there are less particulates collisions in the way of the fast-moving gas molecules. Yet this also implies pressure on the outside of the thin barrier _ 2...
  7. K

    I Graduation of air flow inside a vacuum chamber

    Hi there. I would like to start saying that I am not an engineer or scientist, and that my knowledge about vacuum and vacuum systems, in general, is limited, and I would like to apologize in advance if I am not describing the problem accurately. The application I am posing this question about...
  8. dreens

    I Argon or Dry N2 for venting a small Ultra High Vacuum chamber

    Hi there, I have a small, few liter UHV chamber that frequently needs to be vented and rebaked. I want to shorten my bake time, so I’ve obtained a glove box to allow me to vent, work and close back up under inert gas. i’m curious if people have a preference between Argon and dry Nitrogen. I...
  9. N

    I Unconventional methods for pumping down a vacuum chamber?

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct space so please let me know if it belongs elsewhere. I've always been very interested in engineering. In my spare time, I tend to think about a lot of unconventional ways of doing stuff because I'm of the mindset that there's always new things to...
  10. Auxirius

    Cyclotron - Vacuum Chamber Materials

    Hi all! So recently me and a group of friends have begun working towards the construction of a cyclotron - and I was wondering, if anybody here would have an idea what kind of materials would be able to be used for the vacuum chamber that aren't specific Aluminium Alloys such as 7075 or 6061...
  11. B

    Help with Building a Vacuum Chamber

    A client asked me to look into designing a vacuum chamber for drying out lumber. I am a decent fabricator but sadly not so great at the physics side of things. I know the chamber I'm building will need pretty thick material and a lot of reinforcement. He wants it to be roughly 10'x3'x3' inside...
  12. H

    Calculating Force on Springs in a Vacuum Chamber

    Hi, I have a bottom plate resting on a table (see figure in attachment). On top of this bottom plate is are series of springs and on top of it rests a top plate. Between the bottom and top plate (inside the springs) is a seal to create a vacuum chamber. Question: what is the total force acting...
  13. L

    How can I build a cost-effective DIY vacuum chamber for my experiment?

    I need to perform an experiment in vacuum and would like advice on cost effective parts or how to do it. The chamber needs to be at least the size of a shoebox. Round is fine. The vacuum is required to control heat dissipation of an object as much as possible while I measure its temperature...
  14. lamejane

    E-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care

    Hello PVD experts out there ! I have question on general e-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care as shown in the pictures below, Thin film material (mostly Metals) is being deposited on a daily basis onto the hardware parts present in our e-PVD vacuum chamber ( such as the quartz...
  15. Dante Meira

    Move a mass on frictionless surface in a vacuum chamber

    How much energy is necessary to move one kilogram of mass horizontally for one meter on a perfectly frictionless surface inside a vacuum chamber? Assuming the initial velocity of the mass is zero, the mass is at rest.
  16. chrisritson

    Help Determining the Minimum Thickness of a Vacuum Chamber Lid

    Hello. I am attempting to build a large vacuum chamber for woodworking (used to infuse wood with resin/stabilizer). I would like to use a cast iron bathtub, similar to the one pictured as the vessel. I would ideally like to use a clear acrylic lid (with a rubber gasket) like the one on my...
  17. FlimFlam

    How can I get my Pi 3 to work in a vacuum?

    Im trying to do some data logging, using a raspberry pi 3 would be super easy as it has a built in WiFi and Bluetooth receiver as well as an SD card. However when the vacuum gets to about -30inHg the Pi shuts off and the red light starts flashing as if there is no OS. Temperatures arent crazy...
  18. olgkd123

    Designing a rectangular vacuum chamber -- Help please

    Hello everyone! I want to design a rectangle vacuum chamber (12x12x72) out of 1/2 steel. I would be welding the sides together to form a seal. Would this work? any suggestions on what I could do? Thx! (I not great at this stuff so your help is much appreciated!)
  19. O

    Any idea how to bake the column of a SEM?

    I am an undergraduate researcher and my university had an SEM donated to us by DOW chemical. It since has been without power and we have to bake the column and the gun chamber. Contacting the company they estimate $17k to send someone out to do it for us. I'm having difficulty finding material...
  20. fires21

    I Creating a way to protect a peep inside a vacuum chamber for a demonstration

    We have all seen the marshmallow peep inside a vacuum chamber grow and them shrink. I want to convey the importance of Space suits and protecting the human body by creating a sort of "space suit" for a peep to wear or get placed inside of while in a vacuum chamber, so it is protected from the...
  21. Physics Footnotes

    The World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber Settles an Old Question

    Recently I came across an excellent video that brings to life an age-old physics teaching theme... The world’s largest vacuum chamber is NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio, pictured below. They remove around 30 tons of air from the chamber in order to test equipment during in-space conditions...
  22. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Glass vacuum chamber minimum thickness

    Hello! I am designing a vacuum chamber made of a vertical glass cylinder free of contact from any other structure, except by the top and bottom where aluminum disks seal the device. Temperature is the same inside and outside. I found on several books the following formula for the hoop stress...
  23. Dr. Octavious

    I Vacuum chamber pressure calculation in TOKAMAKS

    Hello all! I understand the concept of the TOKAMAK vacuum chamber, but can someone explain to me how I can actually calculate the pressure in which I need the chamber to be evacuated? I know it should be in the range of approximately 10^-7 or so but more specifically, is there an equation to...
  24. Fraser MacDonald

    Faster than light travel in a vacuum chamber

    If an object is in a large vacuum chamber and is dropped, what is to stop it from accelerating to the point that it passes the speed of light, because there would be no air resistance to stop it from constantly accelerating?
  25. J

    Building a Vacuum Kiln: The Challenge of Applying Heat to Wood

    I'm building a vacuum kiln to dry wood and have some questions that may be rhetoric, since I am fairly certain I know the answers. I don't see a need to describe the project in great detail so I'll stick with the basics. The biggest challenge is applying heat to the wood. I believe I will have...
  26. dreens

    How can I fill a thin gap in a vacuum chamber without creating a virtual leak?

    I have a thin gap between a disk shaped component (7.5"OD, 0.5" thick, let's call it the "mount") and a long pipe serving as a vacuum chamber. I'd like to fill this gap with something to reduce the conduction between the two volumes on either side of the mount. The mount already has a sizeable...
  27. norlesh

    Surface treating mild steel for hard vacuum

    I understand mild steel is very bad at out gassing so is never usually considered for hard vacuum applications. But if the decision was constrained by other factors would it be possible to apply a surface treatment or coating to the internal walls of the vessel - am I correct in assuming that as...
  28. S

    Calculating thickness/exoskeleton vacuum chamber

    Hi Members, As described above, I am making a prototype of a vacuum and compression chamber and I could use some help calculating the wall thickness/support structure that is needed to make sure things don’t go boom. After a fair amount of research I discovered that a few people did post...
  29. D

    Is there a see-through material with low outgassing rate?

    I am helping one of my old physics professor and his Phd design a low-atmospheric vacuum chamber and we're looking at different materials to prevent outgassing. However the tank is almost 1m long and all the equipment inside must be taken out and checked after each test. It would be nice if we...
  30. Soho

    Temperature varying in vacuum chamber during pressure adjust

    Hello everybody, I am working on some tests on materials and structures in a vacuum chamber. I noted that during the final moments of the pressure rising (when I open the valve to let the air in), temperature sensors installed in the chamber record the temperature rising more than ten degrees...
  31. B

    What Would Happen in a Vacuum Chamber?

    What would happen under these circumstances: A sealed container of water in a vacuum chamber. Since water doesn't expand like air, I assume that there would be no extra pressure within the sealed container once the air was evacuated around it. Since there would be no, or very little air...
  32. R

    Short Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber

    I seek to build a vacuum chamber for shipping radon contamination sensitive samples. The cylinder will have a height of approximately 2 inches, and needs an inner diameter of 10 inches. The plan is to weld stainless steel pipe to a plate on the bottom, and to have a lid bolt on to the pipe with...
  33. A

    Help Determining Minimum Thickness of Vacuum Chamber

    Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right forum to post to, but I hope you can help me out. I am not a math person and am completely dumbfounded when it comes to engineering. I believe my request should be pretty straightforward for a person with the right knowledge. Basically, I'm thinking...
  34. Flutterguy123

    What is the rate of gas expansion in a vacuum?

    Say that there's a large metal box with nothing but a vacuum inside of it, except for a small bag of compressed gas at the center. If the bag were to suddenly pop, is there a specific rate that this gas would accelerate when expanding to meet the space of the container? I think that it might...
  35. R

    Can a Human Survive in a Vacuum Chamber for Several Hours?

    There are many sources which say that a human cannot survive under the abrupt exposure to vacuum. What would happen if the exposure is not abrupt? Can a regularly clothed human survive in a vacuum chamber if we gradually lower the air pressure in the chamber to vacuum values for several hours of...
  36. Conservation

    Creating a Home-made Vacuum Chamber

    Hello all, I was wondering a way to make a simple vacuum chamber with a relatively small volume (probably won't need to be bigger than 300mL at best) from some common materials. I have access to common glassware (beakers, although not sure if they can withstand the pressure), and ideally I...
  37. S

    Vacuum chamber thickness design

    Vacuum pressure for design of pipe Dear experts, I have a line pipe which internal design pressure is 98 bar,dia is 36: thickness is 13 mm,length is 12 mtr. I want to know that how much vacuum pressure sustain by this line pipe? Regards, Satish patel,
  38. W

    Vacuum Chamber Demo: Investigating Temperature & Humidity Changes

    I did a demo for my students, using a simple vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber. I put a burning candle in the vacuum chamber. This generates numerous CCNs (cloud condensation nuclei) (I believe) and perhaps some larger-than-normal CCNs. A cloud forms in the vacuum chamber for a few seconds, then...
  39. U

    How Do You Build a Vacuum Chamber That Can Manipulate Internal Objects?

    I have been interested in constructing a vacuum chamber for quite some time, but I am not completely certain on what the structural specifications need to be so that it can hold up to the immense external pressure. My main motivation for building a chamber like this is in the hope that I will...
  40. C

    Vacuum chamber air intake problem

    hello, I have build a vacuum chamber out of an acrylic cylinder. I can get down to 50 micron but if I turn off the vacuum motor the chamber does not keep its atmosphere (air getting in) What i did is add a high quality valve between the chamber and motor. Sunk everything in an oil bath...
  41. C

    Vacuum chamber for filling bee comb

    New here and very much out of my element being on ANY physics forum but here it goes anyway. I am a beekeeper in S. E. NC. I sell honey from my hives and donate the proceeds through my NC Non-Profit. These proceeds go to chordomafoundation.org. Nearly all beekeepers feed their bees at some...
  42. U

    Thickness of steel required for a vacuum chamber

    I'm trying to build a vacuum chamber for chemistry purposes. This isn't exactly for school, but it's something I'm doing for fun and it's close enough to a school problem. Anyway, my vacuum chamber will be a prism 24" wide, 18" deep, and 18" in height. It will also have a 8"x6" Plexiglas window...
  43. H

    Superconductor in vacuum chamber - low energy consumption solution?

    Hello all, Superconductors are great, but obviously its tricky to keep them at such a low temperature for extended periods of time. This poses a problem for engineering applications. What about the feasibility of cooling the superconductor, then placing the material in a vacuum chamber...
  44. E

    Optics question-Materials for vacuum chamber viewing ports

    Hi guys, I am interested in designing a chamber that is either purged with nitrogen gas or vacuum sealed that encloses a thin film sample. The method of analysis is via ellipsometry. (My knowledge of optics is extremely limited but know that ellipsometry measures some shift in polarization...
  45. P

    Forces on a cylindrical vacuum chamber

    If a cylindrical vacuum chamber's diameter is increased, then the inward force on the two ends will increase because the area is increased. However, if the length of the chamber is increased, while keeping diameter constant, will that increase the net inward force on the chamber? Or does...
  46. N

    Vacuum Chamber: How Long Will It Maintain Pressure?

    The syringe' plunger is in a fully retracted position (non-vacuum state) and is then connected to the tube forming an airtight seal. Then the valve to the vacuum chamber, having 29.9 Hg of vacuum, is opened. I am fairly, certain that the plunger in the syringe will move to its forward most...
  47. Y

    What is the average radius of a betatron vacuum chamber?

    My friend and I were discussing particle accelerators (betatrons to be exact) and we began to argue about the size of the core magnets and vacuum chamber. He said that an average torodial vacuum chamber is 0.5m. I have seen old photos of them and said that's more likely to be the diameter. I...
  48. B

    Building a flat rectangular vacuum chamber

    I'm uneducated in Physics so I'm not sure where to begin with this. I want to build a vacuum chamber that is rectangular and fairly flat. It will measure 48"X96"X8" I plan on constructing it from clear polycarbonate sheet on one face (would clear acrylic be a better choice?) and aluminum sheet...