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Designing a Space Capsule for ISS to Earth transits

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    My name is Vamsi and I am from India. I am currently pursuing Ms in ME at University of Houston-Houston-Texas-USA. I have taken a course called "space vehicle design" in which we need to form a team and do a project of our choice. My team project is "Designing a space capsule to carry astronauts and instruments from Earth to ISS in which my role is related to landing mechanism and atmospheric reentry for space capsule. So, I need help regarding this. I have only one month to complete and submit my project.
    Any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Also will it be helpful if I try the game "Kerbal Space Program" with the limited time available to me.
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    Welcome to PF!

    I adjusted your post and its title to reflect that you want help with designing your vehicle and moved it to the engineering forums where more folks will see it.
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