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Desktop problem -smoking coming out

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    I try pushing the Start/"Shut down" buttom in my desktop, but it just starts, the light blink a couple of times, smoke comes out from the button, and the whole computer stop and die. Might this most likely be an electrical problem? if so, than could i resolve the problem by buying a new power supply ?
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    goodness, somke? sounds like overheating due to some sort of short circuit. Probably power problem, but i nv heard of smoke coming out from a computer ever.
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    Is your computer a dell? Some have exploding diodes. If it is send them an email and then send them the mobo and theyll send you a replacement.
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    If the smoke just comes from the button, maybe you should suspect a faulty (shorted on-off) switch. This you should be able to determine by removing the cover and observing the motherboard, power supply, etc. If the smoke is just at the switch and not somewhere else in the system then it is a switch problem. If it is coming from somewhere else in the system --- you probably have bigger and more expensive problems --- and whatever it is, is probably already destroyed.

    By the way, I have a bad switch in one of my systems also, and it's a problem I haven't figured out. If anyone knows exactly what the characteristics are of the switch (usually), I'd appreciate it. It's apparently a momentary shorting switch because I can start the machine by shorting the incoming leads, but there's apparently also another characteristic (like, maybe, a grounding when it is open) because when the machine is started by shorting the leads it doesn't work properly. It starts, goes through the checking routines, and then just as Windows is supposed to be brought up --- it re-boots --- over and over. Any suggestions here?

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    The key is momentary.
    Most computers nowdays will reboot if the power on connection remains shorted.
    Normally, you hold down the power button for reboot.

    If the power switch in the OP controls AC on/off then yes I agree with the smoke comment.

    Warning that impoper handeling of an AC power switch can kill.

    Most AC switches are now fully contained in the power supply case, but not all and for older computers many were exposed.
    If you don't know how to tell the difference find someone who can.
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