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Detailed blank maps of countries and their states

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    I don't entirely know if this is the most approriate section or not, but I want to know if there is an online site that will allow you to get detailed blank maps of countries and their states. I'm particular interested in finding a detailed map of south western australia though.

    I apologise if this is the wrong section and if it is then could you please move it to the most appropriate.

    Thanks guys
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    Big Man,

    Try Google Earth http://www.google.com/earth/" [Broken] for detailed maps, google earth can get as detailed as possible, but its a little bit out of date tho :rolleyes:
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    Ahhh thanks that will do me just fine :smile:
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    Google Earth is probably the best free option that doesn't require you having access to the United States NSA's PREDATOR spy satellite system. :)
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    You can do this with http://www.aardvarkmap.net - it's a tool we've just developed that works in conjunction with Google Maps but makes the whole process of adding a map to your site much simpler.

    Hope this helps,

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    They've got a seamless refresh rate. Its also associated with Google earth. This is what gaming technology has done for us.:rolleyes:
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    That's pretty awesome. I don't think it has all the little things Google Earth has though, that pop up on the map.
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