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Engineering Detailed Information on Chemical Engineering

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    I'm only a Junior in High-School, but I know my passion resides in the field of Engineering. I love Trigonometry, Algebra, Chemistry. Whether or not i fail in some areas, and succeed in others, i always come out enjoying a process of learning in those areas.
    Chemical Engineering in a more specific field of Energy Engineering is my personal direction.
    I've conducted research into statistics, skills, and even the college i plan to attend. Although i would like to hear from other people with current college experience, or any actual experience
    as an Engineer.

    What is the work environment like?

    How much time is spent away from home?

    Is there going to be a demand for Energy development within the next decade?

    Any other information on the subject, or random thoughts abroad of Engineering are also very welcome.
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    Engineering Careers Within the next decade??

    I'm conducting Research into All fields of Engineering and presenting an online discussion of the diversity in Engineering. Although i need to go specifically into fields that will be prevalent in our near future after High-school. I don't want just statistical evidence on good career futures, but personal thoughts also.
    As always Random Information in Engineering Abroad is Welcome.
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    Big Questions When Deciding on an Engineering Field?

    What issues are best addressed when determining which Engineering Field your best fit for?
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    Go study whatever field you have the most Passion for. You will do well in that field, and you will have no regrets after you figure out that you have been in it long enough to be stuck in it. All branches of engineering offer many options. You can have a job that travels all the time, or not at all. That is a trivial concern at this point for you.
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    There is currently massive amount of research money being spent in energy. Some of it will pay off on the next few years, and then they will be hiring as many engineers as they can find to develop new things. That is the very best type of engineering job.
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    Thank you, I have also heard similar studies. I'm also from alaska which seems to carry a lasting demand in better uses in energy. Thank you very much =)
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