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Homework Help: Determine the acceleration of the 80 kg block

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    The 65 kg man climbs up the rope with an acceleration of 0.25 m/s^2, measured relative to the rope. Determine the acceleration of the 80 kg block.

    This is just a man climbing up a rope on the right with the rope wrapped over a pulley and on the other side a block hangs.

    ok so the two equations I came up with from the FBD's are

    T-784.8 = 80 * (accel. of block)

    T - 637.65 = 65 * (accel. of man)

    An assumption I made is the accel. of block and accel of rope must be the same.

    Ok so the acceleration of the man with respect to the rope = 0.25? How can I use this piece of information to determine the acceleration of the block.
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    Hi ur5pointos2sl! :smile:

    (try using the X2 tag just above the Reply box :wink:)

    a - b = 0.25 m/s2, where b is the acceleration of the block (upward). :smile:
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