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Determine the distance that the spring is compressed

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    A 2 kilogram block is dropped from a height of .45 meter above an uncompressed spring. The spring has an elastic constant of 200 newtons per meter and negligible mass. The block strikes the end of the spring and sticks to it.

    A) Determine the distance that the spring is compressed
    B) Determine the maximum compression of the spring
    C) Determine the amplitude of the SHM

    Mass = 2kg
    Height = .45m
    k = 200N/m

    for A...I think I have to use conservation of energy, but I don't know what to put for the maxmium speed of the block.
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    When the spring is compressed completely, how fast is the block moving?
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    the speed would be 0, right? at max. compression
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    yes, that is right
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    so..........do i use

    Ui + Ki = Uf + Kf

    ? if i do, what's the velocity?
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    What other types of potential energy do you know of?
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    That would be true for a horizontal situation, but you have to take gravity into account for this problem. Dont be intimidated by the quadratic
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