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Determine the indefinite integral

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    Please can someone help me solve my problem. I have recently submitted my answer and had my work referred for an error. I have pictures of my question and working out, however i can not seem to post them on the page. can i email them to someone for advice/guidance

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    You should post your question
    a) in the homework section of PF
    b) use the (automatically inserted) homework template
    c) fill this out to show us your exercise and your progression
    d) by using LaTex or at least the symbols supplied to you by clicking on the ##∑## sign in the edit mode
    e) and typing formulas as ##\text{ ## formula ## }##
    f) which you can check by looking at the preview in the edit mode

    This might be a little work to do, but it is for well thought about reasons.
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    Thread closed. Without information about the problem, there is nothing to respond to.
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