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Didn't know where to put this in

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    ppl, how do u upload ur photos? i tried but i didn't find any option for that.
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    Go to the advanced reply menu. Just above the space where you type there will be several icons for your options. If you click on the one that looks like a paper clip the menu that pops up should be self explainitory enough from there.

    Oh and for future reference threads like this techinically belong in the Help and Feedback forum I believe. You could also PM a mentor or someone else who seems to know what they are doing.:smile:
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    ok, i browsed my photo and clicked host it. then in the next page,it's given- Use the above links in order to hotlink your thumbnail on a website, forum, or message board .but i can't use those links because they are not valid. that's what it says here. what should i do?
    and yeah, i've chosen imageshack.us
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    i got the attachments done, but how do i put it in my profile? i couldn't even put it in the messege block.
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    Please don't start a new thread to continue an older thread. I merged the two.

    Img tags, which are what Mk referred to, only work in General Discussion. In other forums, you have to attach the file into your post. As for pictures in your profile, that's a feature only contributors can use (as are avatar photos and signatures). If you want to learn more about the features and benefits that come with contributorship, click on "upgrade" in the menu at the top of the screen.
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    Does Greg need a kidney or something? This pushing for contributions is getting annoying.
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    You can't have a picture under your name unless you pay, varsha. Marsha! Marsha! µarsha!

    After you upload your picture varsha, copy and paste the text where it says "direct link to image," to your post.

    If you are in General Discussion, and you wanted the image to appear as an image instead of a link, just copy and paste the text where it says "Hotlink for forums (1)" or (2), it doesn't matter.
    Like this:

    .............................................................................https://www.physicsforums.com/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=917492 [Broken]
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