Difference between mass and volume

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I have a beaker of capacity 500 ml and i fill it with 250 ml. Now, what is mass and volume of water?

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Volume is the space occupied by matter, so i presume 250 ml is the volume of water. Mass is the quantity of matter, so again 250 ml is the mass of the water. Then what difference does mass and volume have?
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The mass of a body is a measure of the difficulty a body meets with if :
a) it is to start moving given it was at rest
b) it is to stop given it was moving
c) it is to change its velocity.
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The easiest way to understand you problem is using the units. Using this site http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=litre" under the "Physics quantities" tab we see that a Litre is a measure of volume.

A volume is the "space" inside of an object. So the water that is poured into the 500ml (ml=milliLitre or 1ml = 0.0001 * 1 litre ) container occupies 250ml. That is the volume of water.

To find the mass you require to know the density of water. Density is defined as
[itex] density=\frac{mass}{volume} [/itex]
we usually give this in a mass per unit volume form, so you need to find this value. Then check that the units match with those you are using and find the mass.
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