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Medical Difference between medicine and pharmacy

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    what is the difference between medicine and pharmacy?

    according to pharmacy technician book i was reading...

    "The first pharmacy shop appeared in Baghdad in about 652AD. This is the earliest documentation of the existence and operation of a privately owned pharmacy shop. The development of hospitals also played a role in the separation of pharmacy from medicine."

    This book is supposed to be about test-prep. so about everything here is a test question.
    It said in around 652AD pharmacy was separated from medicine. Sure in the old days, maybe it was possible to separate them as pharmacy being more scientific and medicine being more trial and error. But the gap between medicine and pharmacy no longer exist...
    So is there actual difference between those two? If there are what would they be?

    Or should I assume that medicine in this last sentence meant something for doctors/physicians?
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    Medicine is a broad field concerned with the science and practice of restoring health (both physical and psychological). Pharmacology is the practise of utilising chemicals/drugs (interestingly "pharma" was actually greek for toxin as well as drug) to medicine.
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    that makes sense, considering that the "field of medicine" is often used on doctor.

    thanks =D
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