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Difference between plant and animal cell

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    A plant cell is usually larger in size. An animal cell is comparatively smaller in size. 2. It cannot change its shape. An animal cell can often change its shape. 3. A mature plant cell contains a large central vacuole. An animal cell often possesses many small vacuoles. 4. Plastids are present. Plant cells exposed to sunlight contain chloroplast. Plastids are usually absent in Animal cells. 5. Lysosomesare rare in Plant cell. Lysosomes are always present in animal cells. 6. Glyoxysomes may be present in Plant cell. They are absent in Animal cell.
    Is it right?
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    Most elementary distinctions between plant and animal cells mention that plant cellls have cell walls and animal cells do not.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Cell walls are rigid - think wood. Animals are more like bags, plants are more like straws - on a microscopic scale. Or an imaginative scale anyway.
    Plants have cell walls, animals cells have a cell membrane only. Animals like coral can build structures out of hard stuff like calcium carbonate to protect their squishy parts from predators. Crabs have an exoskeleton to protect the squishy parts, humans have skin and a structure to park the squishy parts inside - connective tissues and the skeleton.
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    This sort of thing get me thinking.
    For smallish organisms a plant-like structure seems to have much better chances of survival and propagating.
    For larger scale organisms an exoskeleton is better. ( on Earth anyway)
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