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Difference between structural and mechanical engineering

  1. Dec 23, 2007 #1
    I really have trouble deciding which of these two programmes I should choose.
    I do really enjoy math and mechanics, and by reading which kind of subjects they have, the both seem very interesting. But it seems that structural engineers have a lot more "calculation" subjects, is this right?
    If I want to learn very challanging math and mechanics, which one of these programmes should I choose? And do you have any other information that can make my choice easier?
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    Mechanicals probably have more 'calculation' subjects, though both are heavily technical. The scientific principles behind both disciplines are the same, but since mechanical engineering is a broader field, there is an expectation to be able to work from first principles more readily.

    If you want to learn maths and mechanics out of enjoyment, I suggest you take a maths/mechanics oriented degree.

    If you want to use maths and mechanics (with a load of other tools) to solve real-world problems, choose an engineering discipline that you have a passion for.
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    The mathematics and mechanics should be very similar between the two programs, take a look at the course descriptions between the programs and see which one you prefer. Also, you may certainly take more courses, or minior in a specific subject area that you are interested in, mathematics is an excellent choice as a minor for an Engineering major.
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