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Difference hard / semi-hard scattering

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    Hey folks,

    another question.
    What is the difference between hard and semi-hard scattering events?
    In terms of energy I found for both s >> t, so where does the difference lie?

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    Can you be more specific, where did read "semi-hard", what was the context ? To my knowledge, this is used in hadronic collisions when the virtuality of the involved partons is large compared to lambda_QCD but small compared to s.
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    Ok, i just found the answer here: http://www-subatech.in2p3.fr/~photons/subatech/physics/potpourri/node23.html [Broken]

    hard: truely perturbative
    semi-hard: perturbative + non-perturbative effects

    Thanks anyway!
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    I think the plot in your link A+B->C+X is referred to as "hard scattering" and explicitly shows vertex (or structure) functions which are non-perturbative.

    No matter what you do with QCD, you will always have confinement at least on one side (that is, you may not have it only in a plasma). Confinement is non-perturbative.

    Your link says
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