Difficulty With Major Need Insight!

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    I am having difficulty with choosing a major: Physics or Electrical Engineering(Micro&Nano)...

    Physics becuase every concept is like doorways to understanding life! I like be theoretical and imagining possibilties. All physics intrest me so i wouldnt know what i want specifically until later. Problems with majoring in Physics: 1. Going to have to get masters or phD not that big of a deal 2. I still dont know how the damands are for phycisist and how much the get paid 3. I miss out on learning the application of sciences!!

    Electrical Engineering because makeing electronics and having the knowledge of that application i feel like i could do alot with it. I like to create things, know how things work, invent new things. Along with it i would try and learn programming and mechanical ect.. Another plus about this is theres more opportunities with a bachelor. Problems with majoring in Electronic Engineering: 1. I miss out in learning physics 2. Not so sure about jobs in this field 3. I miss out in learning Physics!!

    I really like both topics but i have come to the relization i cant have both.
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    I was in the same position before going to college. I loved physics but ended up going EE. I loved it and never turned back. EE has this stereotype of being nothing but applications, this is not true. You learn a TON of theory in EE.
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    What made you decide EE? how are the classes like, do you get to do hands on stuff? I really want to take EE, but im really having difficulty with wanting to learn Physics. I feel like i would try and learn the other if i chose EE or Physics, but i wouldnt be able to teach myself everything and id miss out on alot of info.
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