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Diffusion Equation with source term

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    I have been asked to solve a diffusion equation with a source term using finite differences method. I need to numerically integrate the following equation either in MATLAB or C++.

    The equation is

    dT/dt = d2T/dx2 + S(x)

    The form of S(x) is some function given by a Gaussian profile.

    Could anyone have a solution to the problem!

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    What exactly is the problem? How far have you gotten?

    I've been working on the same problem, and I solved it by using the Crank-Nicolson method. Look it up on e.g. Wikipedia.

    A worse, but far simpler method (especially since the source is non-linear) is to use the Forward Euler method:
    [tex]\frac{T(x,t+\Delta t)-T(x,t)}{\Delta t} = \frac{T(x-\Delta x,t)-2T(x,t)+T(x+\Delta x,t)}{(\Delta x)^2} + S(x)[/tex]

    Solve for [tex]T(x,t+\Delta t)[/tex] and you get
    [tex]T(x,t+\Delta t) = \frac{T(x-\Delta x,t)-2T(x,t)+T(x+\Delta x,t)}{(\Delta x)^2}\Delta t + S(x)\Delta t+T(x,t)[/tex]

    So if you know the value of T(x,t) for every x at some time t, you can calculate the value for a future time [tex]t+\Delta t[/tex]
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