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Engineering Diploma to Degree in Civil Engineering?

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    Hi, I'll be graduating this year obtaining my Civil engineering Technology Diploma, but i wasn't sure if i should go back to university to get a degree in civil engineering. Is an extra 4 years worth all the trouble? Would the pay be that much of a difference? Couldn't a Civil Tech make as much as a Civil Eng with many years of experience? Thanks!!
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    Find out what the licensing regulations are where ever you are. If you can get licensed with your tech diploma, it's probably not worth the trouble, but laws are wonky. In my state, a graduate from an ABET accredited program needs about 4 years experience to get his PE, someone from a non abet grad needs 12 or so. But a non abet-grad also needs a couple of years of experience just to take the FE, which the abet-grad doesn't.
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    Does license means you can stamp?
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    I don't know what that means. In the United States, you need a licensed engineer to sign off on a construction project before you can build just about anything.

    Your profile says that you're in Canada, and looks like the regulations there are similar to the states. engineering in Canada info sheet
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    Yeah that's what i meant by stamping.
    I believe this year they implemented something in Alberta allowing engineering techs to be licensed as a P.Tech after about 10-12 years of experience, plus you must right an exam in order to get the P.Tech license.
    If that's the case would the salary between the two P.Eng and P.Tech be similar? =/
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    Check the Canadian labor bureau, and job postings online, but from what I'm finding in the states, engineers almost always make more than technicians at the same level.
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    Alright. Thanks a lot for your help, i decided to go back to school to get my degree =]
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