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Engineering UOttawa vs UCarleton Civil Engineering

  1. Apr 8, 2017 #1
    Hello all, I have been accepted to Ottawa and Carleton both for civil engineering co-op, I was wondering if i could get some opinions on which might be the better choice! I have heard Carleton has a better social community, better administration and a focus on engineering. I have also read that Ottawa puts a lot of money into their engineering programs and has an extremely high employment rate after graduation. A couple things to note is that I have received a $4,000 scholarship to Carleton and nothing from Ottawa. Also, my uncle works for a large engineering firm and has told me that if I do get a civil engineering degree he can probably get me in the door. I understand that Ottawa has the 'big' name and was wondering if any professionals/ people could give me their view on a student applying for a job from either university. I would like to hear your opinion! let me know the pros and cons of your experience with these universities!
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    The fact that you've received a scholarship at Carleton is nothing to sneeze at. In the grand scheme of your education, $4000 may not seem like a lot, but it can make a difference. You'll have to work less while being a student or it will mean that you'll have less student debt. Something else I've observed is that scholarships tend to snowball. Once you have one, it makes you a stronger candidate when you apply for others.

    If you have nothing else to tip the balance, the scholarship would certainly sway me.
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    Both are great schools; you can't go wrong. I've known graduates from both. UOttawa is bilingual, which could be a factor depending on whether or not you speak French.
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    To be honest, all Accredited Engineering Programs at Canadian universities teach almost the same curriculum.

    First thing you should consider is the commute to both schools, because remember that you will have early classes and you would need to get up early for them...

    If that's not a problem, I would choose Carlton simply because of the scholarship money which adds up to 4 x 4000 = $16 000 which is quiet nice!

    Also I know that uOttawa offers more scholarship money based on GPA, you might want to check with them again about any scholarship money.
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