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Homework Help: Distance formula in 3 dimensions

  1. Jan 30, 2010 #1
    Edit*: problem solved. Thanks for the hint Dick.
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    Try the pythagorian theorem: x = sqrt(y^2 + z^2)

    Since you can have any value on the x axis, the shortest distance will always be a straight line.

    To see it better, draw out a triangle, where Z is the height, and Y is the lenght, leaving the distance X which will be the hypotenuse.

    Draw it out, it'll make it clear.

    EDIT: X,Y,Z in your case being points A,B,C
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    A point on the x-axis is given by (d,0,0) for some value of d. What value of d will minimize the distance to (a,b,c)?
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