Do any of you have a phd in string theory/QED/Theoretical particle physics?

  1. I am interested in going down that path, and i was wondering if you have any advice? I mean like which schools i should aim for. I am aware that this would be better placed in academic advice, but no one gives advice about mathematical physics there, they all say to do something with better job prospects, like optics or matter. But to me, those options seem boring and very derivative!
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  3. I am not sure which part of the globe you come from but in Europe, it doesn't really matter that much which university you go to (although there are distinctions of course). If you are really motivated, then you should be able to do it largely on your own. Mathematical physics is a beautiful area and indeed offers a unique perspective both on physics and mathematics. However, it's job prospects are meager (there were better times)... if you would do this, then given my own experience, I would follow some courses on financial mathematics or some extra actuary studies. This basically gives you a safety net in the financial sector (and still allows you to use your skills) if you should not have the luck to get a job in academia.

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    I'd try the part III of Cambridge not because of the contents (more or less the same in all campuses) nor the job prospects (negligible), but because of the number -and, I expect, quality- of students. Some years, you can find up to 80 students in the QFT lectures, which is encouraging (compare to six or ten students in a average postgraduate course).
  5. I'd say the QFT lectures this year had about 150+ students taking it and the AQFT had perhaps 100.
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    Hmm 150+ is perhaps too many! It seems that word-of-mouth is very amplifyed on internet, nowadays.
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