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B Do astronauts watch satellite TV in space?

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    Do astronauts watch satellite tv in space?
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    The only astronauts in space at present are those on the ISS, and yes they could, but I imagine they don't sit around channels surfing.
    Every minute of their time is expensive and needs to be justifiable, even if it's just sleep time.
    If you were rich enough personally to pay for a ride to the ISS, do you think you would want to watch TV when you got there?
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    and even if they had the time, that would be almost impossible as the signals from the satellites is beamed towards earth
    in very defined patterns, called a "footprint" that covers a particular area/country(ies)

    The ISS probably does pass through the antenna beams of these satellites, but it would be very brief seconds to a minute or two
    so no good for watching

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