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Do communicating vessels work when water is moving?

  1. Oct 12, 2012 #1
    I want to know if the water level equalize in communicating vessels, when in one of the vessels there is a vortex, or any other water movement, and if the level does equalize, what will be the level?
    I made a simple drawing:
    Here's a link for full size:

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    r6900, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    From the diagram it appears that the lower left container is shown as “having a vortex”. But that can’t be, because in order for a vortex to form the liquid needs to be flowing out through an opening (like a bathtub drain). The diagram shows only a tube connecting the two containers, so I can’t visualize any flow to maintain that vortex.

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    If you put an engine inside the water it creates a vortex.
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