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Do electrical engineers need to know programming?

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    do electrical engineers need to know programming? specifically C language
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    I'd say that all EEs shouldl be comfortable programming in some language. Which language would generally depend on what kind of work you do, and what tools you use.

    Many EEs program in MATLAB, because it has good links to outside hardware and is good for calculations and simulations. Others use a language more like Python or Tcl/Tk, because they need good scripting abilities (like for IC design tasks). Others program in C or variations of C, as in working with Embedded Systems.
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    should i start with matlab or with something like C
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    It doesn't really matter. MatLAB costs money however, but any free ide/compiler will work for C
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    C is a must for every engineer. Frankly, I consider c++ to be a must these days as well.
    For example, device drivers and microcontroller programming are typically written/done in C.

    Higher level scripting languages like MATLAB, Python and others are becoming increasingly more popular.

    All speed critical applications are based on C/C++.
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    is it easier to learn python and then C, or C and then python...

    I keep trying to learn C, but i find it very very boring =(
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    Program a real chip with arms and legs (or LEDs) and it won't be so boring.

    Try the free C compiler from Microchip. Make an LED blink on and off every second. You'll learn some C in an applied way.
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