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Physics Do i have to get a physics degree to pursue astrophysics?

  1. Sep 13, 2012 #1
    i have a bachelor's degree in math....and after working some years in the music industry, i've decided to pursue another passion of mine, astrophysics....after looking at the GRE physics practice test, i realized i really don't know much about physics in general....and there aren't any good resources out there to prepare for the GRE...any ideas on how i should proceed? should i get get a bachelor's in physics?
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    I know a math graduate that went into a msc. in astrophysics and did quite well in it, but things are different over here (no gre's for msc's).

    Getting a physics bachelors would be ideal, but with a math degree under your belt, don't you feel capable of self-studying up to sophomore & junior level physics material on your own? The math required on the pgre is likely trivial for you, so you would need to focus more on conceptual physics.

    A standard bachelors route would give you the proper guidance but I think it is overkill if you just want to get a good pgre score and have a shot at graduate astronomy/astrophysics programs.
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    Agreed with the above post.

    Actually, there are some good resources.... undergraduate- (or even graduate-) level physics text books. Like the guys above said, you could probably pick up a few books in the major areas of physics and teach yourself. Of course, most people find it easier to learn a topic if they have lectures to supplement/dictate their learning. Maybe another option is take a few classes at a local university on a non-matriculated basis?
  5. Sep 14, 2012 #4
    thanks for the inputs...i have now acquired a physics tutor who lectures at a local college..yay...hope all goes well....
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