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Homework Help: Do I need to use trig and is the 10 centimeters an angle

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    :surprised A bullet is fired through a board 10 cm thick in such a way that the bullets line of motion is perpendicular to the face of the board. If the initial speed of the bullet is 400 m/s and it emerges from the other side with a speed of 300 m/s. what is the accelaeration of the bullet as it passes throught the board and the total time it takes to pass through the board?:rolleyes: :rolleyes: ]

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    No, you do not, and no. 10 centimeters are 10 hundredths of a meter which is the primary metric unit of length.
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    As Atomos indicated, make sure units have the same basis MKS or cgs. One has distance, and velocity before and after that distance. There is a particular equation concerning that relationship.
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